The main navigation on the left of your screen (support-number-1.png) shows the currently active page and allows you to quickly navigate in the application. It consists of the following elements:

  • PatentInspiration icon (pi-icon.png)
    Use the PatentInspiration icon to quickly return to the start page and perform another search
  • Report actions (report.png)
    Use the Report actions button to save, edit, copy, delete, share or open an existing report.
    REMARK: A red badge (exclamation.png) with an exclamation mark is shown when your active report isn't saved.
  • Search (filter.png)
    Use the Search button to navigate through the current patent pool of a report.
    REMARK: This button can be hidden if no report is created or opened
  • Analyze (analyze.png)
    Use the Analyze button to add new analyses or view existing analyses on a report. More information
    REMARK: This button can be hidden if no report is created or opened
  • Briefcase (briefcase.png)
    View the patents that are stored in your briefcase. More information
    REMARK: The blue badge shows how many patents there are in your briefcase.
  • Settings (settings.png)
    Use the Settings button to manage your account & subscription information. More information
  • Support (support.png)
    Use the Support button to access the PatentInspiration support for help. More information
  • Login/Logout (login.png)
    Use the Login/Logout button to login or logout on PatentInspiration.
    REMARK: If you are logged in, the button will be highlighted in blue

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