The Briefcase is a temporary storage area for interesting patent documents. You can move patents from, and to the briefcase at any time while you are on the Filter page, Analyze page or viewing the results of a specific analysis. It is a really powerful tool to make custom selections of patents, which you can use at a later stage when creating new filters. You can also export the data to Excel, Powerpoint or Word.

Briefcases menu

When you hover over the Briefcase icon in the navigation, a menu will pop up which shows you a list of your briefcases. The briefcase shown in blue is your active briefcase.


This menu has several actions you can perform:

  • Select
    Select a briefcase by clicking on it, this will activate it and show you the patents it contains
  • Activate (briefcase-icons_11.png)
    You can activate a briefcase (without going to its patent list)
  • Edit (briefcase-icons.png)
    Change the name of the briefcase
  • Delete (briefcase-icons_01.png)
    Remove the briefcase (this cannot be undone)

 Briefcase actions



The actions menu has some more actions which can be performed on your active briefcase:

  • Clear briefcase
    Removes all the patents from the briefcase
  • Export to Excel...
    See Exporting
  • Export to PowerPoint
    See Exporting
  • Export to Word
    See Exporting
  • Open in new report
    Creates a new report which contains all the patents from your active briefcase 

Add/Remove patents to/from briefcase

To add/remove patent(s) to/from a briefcase, you need to click on one of the two button of the action bar from the Patent viewer. If you haven't selected any patents, then all patents will be added to your briefcase. If you have selected some patents, then only the selected patents will be added.


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