Improved support integration


We've added an extra item to our navigation which allows you to access our support without leaving the PatentInspiration website. So, if you have a problem or want to know more information about a certain analysis or filter syntax, just click on the Support icon (Support navigation icon). This will show a modal where you can perform several actions:


  • Search our support site (support-number-1.png)
  • Ask a question or submit a problem (support-number-2.png)

Search our support site

The Search field allows you to search our support site. For example, if you would like to know more about our search syntax, just type "search syntax" into the searchbox and hit enter. This will then show you a list of all the support items that are related to the search term:


Just click on the most interesting item (support-number-1.png) to open it in a new window. If no items are found that are helpful to you, click on the "None of these are helpful - get in touch"-button (support-number-2.png), this will go back to you original screen but it will have entered the search term "search syntax" into the question textbox so you can quickly submit a question about the search term you are looking for.

Ask a question or submit a problem


If you have found a problem with the software, would like to give us some feedback or want to know more about a specific feature. Then this will help you to quickly get in contact with us. Fill in the Question, Details, Name and Email fields and click on the Submit button. We will try to handle your request as soon as possible.

REMARK: If you are logged in, the Name and Email fields will automatically be filled in based on your account information. This makes it easier for you to submit a problem or ask feedback.



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