The Analyze page consist of 2 main parts:

  • Analysis bar (support-number-1.png)
  • Analysis widgets overview (support-number-2.png)


Analysis bar

Shows an overview of all the possible analyses that you can add to your report.

The analyses are divided in different categories based on the interpration of the patent data:

  • Biblio
    Analyses that show bibliographic data of patents
  • Timeline
    Analyses that show patent data over time
  • Compare XY
    Allows you to compare 2 different attributes on an XY graph
  • Map
    Contains all the maps and tables
  • Text
    Analyses that analyze semantic the title, abstract, claims or description
  • Unit
    Analyses that find units in patent texts
  • InnovationLogic
    Analyses that are based on the AULIVE method, an efficient process to innovate, solve problems and find new markets.

Add an analysis


To add an analysis to your report, customize your configuration and click 'Add' on the left side of the panel (support-number-1.png) or click one of the preconfigured analyses on the right side of the panel (support-number-2.png). When you have done this, you will see that a new analysis widget (See Analysis widget) will be added in the analysis widgets overview.

At first the analysis will appear uncoloured and with a busy icon busy-icon.png. When the analysis analysis is done, the mini visualization will light up with a coloured version representing your results (See Different analysis statuses).

Some analyses allow or require you to specify additional information. For example, if you want to add a ProductDNA analysis to your report, you will first have to supply a product name that best describes your current patent pool before the analysis can be added.

REMARK: If your patent pool is larger than 100 000 patents, then you won't be able to add an analysis.

Analysis widgets overview

Shows all the analyses that you have added to your report

  • Analysis widget

    An analysis widget is a placeholder of an analysis, this is shown in the Analysis widgets overview on the right. If you click on it, you will see the detail visualization of the analysis (See Analysis detail page). Each analysis widget also has several actions like:
    • Remove remove.png
      Removes the analysis widget from your report
    • Update update.png
      Updates the analysis widget, usefull when the analysis is outdated (See Different analysis statuses).
    • Configure configure.png
      Edit the configuration of the analysis widget
  • Different analysis statuses
    • PENDING (pending.png)

      The analysis is added to the queue but is not yet handled by our services.
    • BUSY (busy-icon.png)

      The analysis is currently being executed by our services

    • DONE

      The analysis is finished and you can navigate through the results

    • CANCELLED (cancelled.png)

      When the filter of your report is changed while an analysis is PENDING or BUSY, then the analysis will automatically get canceled. Click the retry icon to restart the analysis.

    • FAILED (cancelled.png)

      The analysis has failed. Click the retry icon to restart the analysis. If an analysis keeps failing please contact us.

    • OUTDATED (outdated.png)

      When the filter of your report is changed, an analysis which is done will get the status outdated. Click the update icon to restart the analysis.

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