Product DNA analysis

Demo report

What does this analysis do?

This analysis automatically generates a product DNA of your product / process / technology. It finds out which other products share properties with your product / process / technology.

How does it work?

Within the patent pool, the top properties (= adjectives) and functions (= verbs) are taken using Natural Language Processing. For each property and function a new search is launched to see which products are linked most with these properties and functions. 

How to operate the results?

Click on a property/function to browse through the corresponding patents using the patent viewer.

Hover over a product in another domain to see an example or to create a new report based on this product.

What does it tell me?

This analysis can help you to complete the third step in the AULIVE Methodology, the DNA analogy. The plot shows the current properties and functions of your patent pool and the products that share those properties.

This analysis allows you to look for out of domain inspiration.

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