Reports are the basis of all your work in PatentInspiration. Every report has a name and optionally also a description and tags. By giving your report a name, description and/or tagging it, you can find it back later by searching for it by name, description or tag(s). It is a good practise to give your report a meaningful name right away, this makes it easier to work with it later and ensures your report is saved.

TIP: You can open and work with several reports at the same time by using the tab functionality of your web browser.

Creating a report

You can create a new report from the report actions menu (support-number-1.png). 

Please remember that if you create a report and you don't save it, that it will be deleted after 24 hours. If you try to access a deleted report, you will receive the Report not found message. More information

TIP: You can quickly go to the homepage to perform a quick search by clicking on the PatentInspiration icon in the top left of the navigation

Report actions

The report actions button (report actions) in the main navigation on the left lets you perform several report actions:

  • New report...
    Creates a new empty report in a new tab in your browser
  • Save report.../Edit report...
    Save your report by giving it a name, description (optional) and tags (optional). By defining tags for your reports, you can quickly categorize your reports so you can find them easier in the future. For example, you may have created a report for "solar panels" that analyzing the different technologies used. You could add a "technology" tag to this report so you can then quickly categorize all your technology related reports in the report manager.
  • Save report as...
    Save a report that is already saved with another name.
  • Copy report
    Copies the report that you have created with its current filter and analyses. Copying existing reports can drastically increase the efficiency of your work. For example, you have just spent 30 minutes creating a report on "solar panels" and now you want to focus on just the recent developments. Instead of starting the report from scratch, you can copy it to a new report and narrow the filter to the last 10 years.
  • Open report
    Shows the report manager.
  • Delete report
  • Share report...
    Allows you to share your report with one of your collegues. More information

Report manager

The report manager allows you to find and open reports or remove reports when they are no longer needed. By default, the report manager screen will show you the reports that you have last worked on. The report manager allows you to perform several actions:

  • Search a report (support-number-1.png)
    Enter a keyword in the search box to search a report. The name, description, tags and terms entered in your filter are automatically searched for a match for the keyword that you have entered.
    TIP: You can also click on a tag in the report list to quickly search for it.
  • Share settings (support-number-2.png)
    The bottom right of a list item shows you who the report is shared with, you can hover over an icon to get more information. Blue circles indicate the owner of the report.
  • Organize your reports in folders (support-number-3.png)
    You can add reports to a folder by dragging them onto the folder. To move the reports to a parent folder, drag them onto the folder name in the breadcrumbs.

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