Sharing reports



Before you can access the report sharing settings, you have to save your report first. After that, you can use the "Report actions" menu on the left in the main navigation to access the sharing settings of the active report.

There are three types of report sharing settings:

  • Public: If you set your report to "Public", it's like an unlisted phone number. In the same way that anyone who knows un unlisted phone number can call it, anyone who knows the report link can view/edit it.
    REMARK: Unsaved reports are "Public"  for 48 hours, after that they are deleted.
  • Team: Users with a Team or Enterprise account can use "Team" to share a report with all the active users in their account. You also have the option to set the access rights to the report so you can decide whether or not your report can be edited. 
    REMARK: All users will automatically receive an email message to notify that you have shared a report.
  • Private: When you save a report, it will automatically become "Private". This means that you are the only person with access to it but you can also invite other users.
    REMARK: "Private" requires that the users with who you share your report with, to have a registered account with PatentInspiration.



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