How do I create my own custom export template?

TIP: To get started, download our example patent export or analysis export template, so you can easily adjust only the things that you want to change or take a look at how an export template looks like.

In this example, we will show you how to create your own custom patent template from a blank PowerPoint presentation. If you start PowerPoint, you should have the following screen:


To make things easier, we change the slide layout to Blank, so we don't have any unnecessary content placeholders on our slide. If you have done this, you should have the following screen:


Now we will add a text box to the slide. The text we type in this text box is very important because there are several specific placeholders that will get automatically replaced by PatentInspiration. See Which placeholders can be added to the patent template? page for more information.

In this example we will add a text box with the text PATENTTITLE, this is a patent template placeholder that will automatically will get replaced with the patent title. If you have done this, you should have the following screen:


Please notice that the patent template placeholder PATENTTITLE is in UPPERCASE, this is so for all the placeholders. Now you can change the font color or font family and this will automatically be used when the template is filled in. You can also add a text box with custom text that you always want to see on the slide, you could for example add a text box with "© PatentInspiration" text to the bottom right of the template slide:


Now we will add another placeholder for the patent number:


If for example we would like that the PATENTNUMBER placeholder links to the patent on PatentInspiration, we add a hyperlink to the PATENTNUMBER text  by selecting the PATENTNUMBER text and then right click and choose Hyperlink... . As address we add the placeholder PATENTLINK:


To automatically add the patent image to the slide, you need to add an image that will represent the size and position that will be used when a patent has an image. To do this, we add a dummy image to the slide. If you don't have an image to add, click here to download our dummy image placeholder.

Now insert the picture to the slide and adjust the position and size according to your preferences:


The final placeholder we will add is the PATENTABSTRACT placeholder. Add a text box with the PATENTABSTRACT placeholder:


See Template management page, to use this template as your default exporting template.

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