The Filter page allows you to construct a filter that consists out of multiple types of filter lines which you can combine with the logical operators AND, OR and NOT. The different types of filter lines are:

  • Keyword filter
    Searches for patents based on the text the patents contains in either title, abstract, claims or description. More information
  • Applicant filter
    Searches for patents by the name of the company or organization that applied for the patent. More information
  • Inventor filter
    Searches for patents based on the name of the inventor which is on the patent. More information
  • Code filter
    Searches for patents based on their CPC/IPC classification. More information
  • Number filter
    Searches for a given list of patent numbers. More information
  • All filter
    Searches for patents in all patent fields (applicant, code, keyword, inventor and number).

All the different types of filter lines can use the advanced filter syntax. More information

Adding a filter line


To add a new filter line, you need to enter what you are looking for in the add filter line box. When you focus the filter line box, you will get more options like to choose the filter type or other filter type related options like patent fields to search in. Once you have chosen your filter type, you can add the filter by clicking on the Add filter button on the right.

Filter line actions


Each filter line has actions on the right:

  • Disable
    Disables the filter line so it is no longer used in your filter
  • Edit
    Edit the query or filter type
  • Delete
    Removes the filter line from your current filter

Filter options


The filter options that are shown underneath the different filter lines allow you to further refine your patent pool by narrowing your results. You can choose to narrow your results by:

  • Filtering only one per family
    This option only shows the patent in the patent family that has the most English text (Order by text content) or has the earliest publication date (Order by Publication date).
  • Filtering patents without empty title or abstract
    This option only shows patents that have a title or an abstract. Can be used to filter out design patents which have no abstracts.
  • Filtering only (non-)granted patents
    This option allows you to show only (non-)granted patents
  • Filtering only with images
    This option allows you to show only patents that have patent drawings
  • Filtering by document date
    This option allows you to define date ranges (publication or application date), this way you can exclude older patents and only show the most recent patents in your patent pool

Logical operators

Combine multiple filter lines by using logical operators like AND, OR, NOT. Combining of different filter lines works as follow:


((((Line1 OR Line2) NOT Line3) OR Line4) AND Line5)

If you take a look at the example above, you will notice that each filter line is executed in the order showed.

Clear filter

You can clear the entire filter (all your filter lines and reset filter options) by clicking on the Clear button.

Reorder filter lines


You can change the order of the filter lines by drag & drop a filter line on the wanted place. 


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