Keyword filter

The Keyword filter allows you to perform Google-style queries to define your patent pool. You can use the check-boxes to search only in Title, Abstract, Claims or Description or any combination of these. To perform more complex searches you can use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) or check the advanced filter syntax.

Searches patent texts by keyword

  • Select which fields to search
  • Combine keywords with AND, OR, NOT
  • Enable/disable stemming
  • Use more advanced options

Find related terms

To improve your filter results you can add synonyms, antonyms and misspelled terms. 



popcorn AND starch

Combine multiple words together with AND, OR, NOT

 “popcorn machine”

 Search for exact keyword combinations

 “popcorn machine”~5

 Search for words that are close to each other

 popcorn NOT steam

 Exclude certain words with NOT

 (popcorn OR pop-corn) AND starch

 Group several query parts together using brackets

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