Academic analysis

Demo report

What does this analysis do?

The analysis counts the number of patents where universities, colleges, schools or institutes are described as applicants in the patent pool.

How does it work?

The analysis extracts academic players from the available bibliographic data based on the occurrence of the following keywords: “university”, “institute”, “school” or “college”. When multiple applicants are present, the list is split into individual items. An intelligent text comparison algorithm is used to merge applicants which are probably the same (i.e., in the case of spelling errors, abbreviations or company type suffixes).

How to use the results?

The standard view for this analysis is a tagcloud, in which the font size is correlated to the amount of patents that are linked to that word. If you click on one of the words, the patent viewer will open, giving access to the patents underlying it.

A second visualization is a table view, where you can quickly see the amount of patents linked to the term.

What does it tell me?

If the patent pool in your report is related to a given domain, the academic institutes in the analysis have patent activity in this domain.

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