Patent fields

The abstract contains a concise summary of the disclosure of the invention as contained in the description, claims and drawings.

The claims define the invention that the applicant wishes to protect. The root claims (1) will define the invention in its broadest form, by including its essential technical features. Further "dependant" claims (2-15) can then relate to additional features of the invention. The tree structure can be seen by changing the visualisation type from list to tree.

The description contains the following components:

  • an indication of the technical field to which the invention relates
  • a summary of the background prior art useful in order to understand the invention
  • a disclosure of the invention as claimed, describing the technical problem and its solution and stating the advantageous effects of the invention with regard to the background art
  • a brief description of the figures in any drawings, indicating their numbers
  • a detailed account of at least one way of carrying out the claimed invention
  • a statement of how the invention is capable of industrial application.

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