What browsers do you support?

PatentInspiration requires advanced browser technology typically provided in the most recent versions of popular browsers. It is designed to take advantage of the new features these browsers provide, as we intend to deliver the best usage experience and visualizations.

Supported browsers

The most recent releases of each browser below are currently supported:

Can't upgrade your browser? Here are some alternatives:

  • Add the IE plug-in for Google Chrome Frame
  • Use a portable version of Firefox or Chrome that can be installed on and run from a portable USB device without any modifications to the computer:

REMARK: If you are using a supported browser, but see the "Please upgrade your browser" message, you may be using an extension that interferes with browser detection. Try disabling your browser extensions to resolve the problem. If you are using Internet Explorer, please also check this page.

To use PatentInspiration, enable cookies and JavaScript

Regardless of your browser type, you must have cookies enabled to use PatentInspiration. Also, if your browser supports it, enable JavaScript.

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