Patent drawing viewer

The patent drawing viewer lets you navigate in a more detailed view. The viewer consists of the following elements:

  • Patent drawing (support-number-1.png)
    Shows a detailed image of the patent drawing
  • Drawing info bar (support-number-2.png)
    Shows which drawing you are currently viewing and also how many drawings the patent has in total
  • Viewer actions (support-number-3.png)
    Go to the next/previous drawing, rotate the active drawing or download it. 
  • Patent drawing thumbnails  sidebar(support-number-4.png)
    Shows a thumbnail view of all the patent drawings
  • Patent info sidebar (5.png)
    Shows the patent title, number and description.
  • Close (6.png)
    Closes the patent drawing viewer


Viewer actions (support-number-3.png)

  • Navigating drawings
    Use the left (arrowleft.png) or right (arrowright.png) buttons
    REMARK: You can also use your  LEFT or  RIGHT arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through the different drawings.
  • Rotating drawing
    Use the rotate left (rotateleft.png) or right (rotateright.png) buttons
    REMARK: You can also use the UP  or DOWN arrow keys on your keyboard to rotate the active drawing
  • Download drawing
    Use the save (saveimage.png) button to download the drawing. If you have rotated the drawing, you will get it like you have rotated it

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