Email alerts

With the Email alerts feature, you can receive a notification by email when patents, citations or family members have been added or modified in the patent database. This functionality allows you to monitor domains of technology or one of your competitors or suppliers.

Type of alerts:

  • New filter results: Get an alert when new patents are added to your filter
  • New citations: Get an alert when new patents are citing the patents in your filter
  • New family members: Get an alert when new patents are added to the families of your filter

For example, you want to keep an eye on the domain of water purification with Email alerts:

  1. Type “water purification” and click on Search
  2. Go to Actions and select Create Alert
  3. Type ‘water purification’ as Title, choose Weekly as Frequency and choose 'New filter results' as Type.
  4. You will be redirected to the Alert overview page (Settings => Alerts) where you can manage your other alerts.


You will only receive an email alert if there are new patents available. Alerts are only possible on filters with less than 100.000 results.

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