User management

The Team and Enterprise subscriptions allow Administrators to manage and invite new users to their account.

Invite a new user (Settings > Invite users)


Inviting new users is very simple, you can email the invitation link that you can find on the Invite users page (Settings > Invite users) by copy & pasting the link into an email message or by using our internal invitation method.

To use our internal invitation method, you just need to enter an email address of the user you want to invite in the "Email to" field. You can enter multiple email adresses by seperating them with a comma (,). The "Message" field allows you to adjust the message that will be emailed to the user(s) that you invite.

Once you have completed these steps, click on the "Send invitation" button to send the invitations.

Resetting the invitation link

The invitation link is a shared link – individual invitations do not have unique links. Anyone who obtains this link will be able to sign up to PatentInspiration.

You can change the invitation link at any time, by choosing Reset link. The previous invitation link will become unusable and users will no longer be able to use the previous link to sign up. If they try, they will see an error message that the invitation link is invalid.


The options part allows you to change the functionality to either receive email notifications when new users signs up under your account or not. This option is default enabled.

Manage your users (Settings > Users)


The Users page (Settings > Users) shows an overview of all the users that are currently signed up under your account.The Action dropdown menu allows an administrator to perform several actions:

  • Delete the selected users
    This option will delete all the selected users. REMARK: You cannot delete yourself.
  • Block the selected users
    This option will disable the account for the selected users, they won't be able to login anymore.
  • Unblock the selected users
    This option will enable the account for the selected users, so they will be able to login again.
  • Assign a role to the selected users
    You can assign 2 different roles to a user:
    • Administrator: has an extra Administration menu under the Settings page, this allows him to access the subscription info, manage users, invite new users, view usage statistics and manage export templates.
    • User: can only manage his own account information and his alerts.

User statistics (Settings > Statistics)


The Statistics page (Settings > Statistics) shows an overview of the usage statistics of all the users that are currently signed up under your account. You can use the dropdown list on the left (users-dropdown.png) to see the usage statistics of one or more users specifically. Use the buttons on the right to change the range of the statistics that are shown. Possible values are: week, month, year and all.

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