Citation analysis

Demo report

What does this analysis do?

The analysis groups the forward citations of your patent pool by academic, applicant, code, company, inventor or geo location.

How does it work?

The analysis takes the top 100 patents of your patent pool that have the most forward citations. It groups the forward citations based academic/applicant/code/company/inventor for each patent.

How to use the results?

Each patent is visualized as a pie chart. The size of the pie chart depends on the number of forward citations the patent has. The different slices in the pie chart show the different academics/applicants/codes/companies/inventors/geo locations of the forward citations. A slice which has a black border around it tells you that the academic/applicant/code/company/inventor is citing one of its own patents (self-citations).

Inside the legend, you can select/deselect the academics/applicants/codes/companies/inventors/geo locations that you want to see highlighted in a specific color. Maximum 10 academics/applicants/codes/companies/inventors/geo locations can be highlighted. Other academics/applicants/codes/companies/inventors/geo locations will be shown in the default grey.

What does it tell me?

Find out who is protecting his own inventions or who is using someone else technology for his own inventions. Also possible to check which technologies are used if your patent pool describes a specific technology (group by Code).

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