Competitor analysis

Demo report

What does this analysis do?

Lists the top 50 competitors for an applicant or based on your current patent pool (e.g. specific technology). 

How does it work?

The first step depends on your configuration setting:

  • Source: Select the company from which you want to find the competitors.
  • Competing with: Indicate if you want to compare only with the patents in the filter of your selected company or with all the patents of your selected company.

The CPC/IPC codes are stored in a weighted list, this means that large CPC/IPC codes have a higher weight.

In the second step we compare this weighted list of codes with all the other applicants stored in the database.

The analysis searches for the companies that have most of the codes in common with a company. 

How to operate the results?

Click on a competitor to see his patents.

Remark: The results of this analysis are not only from you patent pool but from the complete patent database.

What does it tell me?

It shows the competitors of a company ranked from weak (yellow) to strong (blue).

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