Evolution analysis

Demo report

What does this analysis do?

The Evolution analysis detects increasing trends (minimum of 3 years) in the patent activity within certain codes/applicants/inventors/countries (Geo). The ranking is related to the intensity, duration and recency of the increasing trend.

How does it work?

The total patent activity within the codes/applicants/inventors/countries is mapped out over time. Codes/applicants/inventors/countries that show an increase in patent activity for at least 3 succeeding years are extracted and plotted in the linechart. More recent increases are given a higher score.

How to operate the results?

Codes/applicants/inventors/countries that show a strong increase could be interesting candidates for further screening. Choose one or more codes/applicants/inventors/countries to focus on in subsequent reports or filters.

Browse through the patents of an appropriate year and code/applicant/inventor/country by clicking on the corresponding dot. 

What does it tell me?

The analysis gives an indication of which codes/applicants/inventors/countries described in your patent pool are growing recently. It is important to note that the Evolution analysis looks for the strongest increases in patent activity, meaning that the codes/applicants/inventors/countries (Geo) shown are not necessarily in the top 50 of the Code/Applicant/Inventor/Geo analysis.

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