Modifier analysis

Demo report

What does this analysis do?

The Modifier analysis generates an overview of the topics that people try to optimize.

How does it work?

A list of synonyms is used to look for things that are increased, decreased or stabilized in your patent pool. The noun groups directly following these synonyms are extracted and used for a cumulative chart. Note that this analysis only works well with English language patents.

How to operate the results?

The results are shown in 3 separate tagclouds. Larger font size means there are more patents underlying the word. Click on an item to browse through the corresponding patents using the patent viewer.

What does it tell me?

This analysis can help you to complete the first step in the AULIVE Methodology, the Value Equation. It shows the topics, issues and values that applicants are working on in your patent pool.  Increasing topics are typically related to performance, decreasing topics are typically harms, interfaces or cost-related.

The Modifier analysis can help you to find patents that describe issues that are being dealt within a certain domain and can lead you to solutions. 

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