Unit analysis

Demo report

What does this analysis do?

This analysis gives insight into the numerical distribution of units for current, temperature, voltage etc. in your patent pool.

How does it work?

Unit analyses search within the patent texts for symbols expressing units related to a preselected parameter (size, temperature, pressure, current, voltage, frequency or power). The output unit can be preselected in the configuration screen. Every found number will be converted to the preselected output unit. Additional options are available for fine-tuning the search within certain parts of the patent text, defining the scale of the visualization (logarithmic or linear) and defining a custom range of values you want to search for.

How to operate the results?

The results will be displayed as a histogram, indicating the number of patents within a certain unit range.
Browse through the patents of an appropriate range by clicking on the corresponding bar.

What does it tell me?

You can learn which unit range is most common for a selected parameter and technology. You can also quickly select the range of values that you are interested in.

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