Field analysis

Demo report

What does this analysis do?

This analysis maps the fields mentioned in your patent pool.

How does it work?

Every field is backed up with a list of synonyms. The software extracts these synonyms from the patent text. Note that only English words are used in the analysis. Patents using non-English texts will have very low hit rates. This analysis can also search in the vicinity of other words, helping to optimize your results.

How to operate the results?

Fields which are colored more heavily are more often mentioned in your patent pool. You can reconfigure your results by searching in specific parts of the patents or by searching near a certain keyword or technology.

In the donut, you can hover over the slices to see the number of patents behind each item. Click on an item to browse through the corresponding patents using the patent viewer.

What does it tell me?

This analysis is valuable if processes or functions are being explored, or if problems need to be solved. It gives an abstract overview of the possible ways to realize something and can often introduce new trains of thought to your problem solving process. For improving the results and minimizing the noise, use the proximity feature of the analysis to search only in the neighborhood of certain words.

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