Domain player analysis

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What does this analysis do?

The domain player analysis clusters patents of a company in specific domains via its classification codes and subsequently analyses which companies are also active in those domains.

How does it work?

The analysis starts after you filled in an applicant name in the configuration.  

 A first level of associations discovers the domains a company is focusing on, by taking the most frequent classification codes that are spaced apart as far away as possible (this is to enhance the diversity of the players in the analysis). The second level of associations indicates which companies are also actively researching in those domains. The tool takes the code cluster representing a certain domain and finds all patents, subsequently it takes the top players out of each of those domains.

Be aware that a company name is representing the applicant name of a patent. L’Oréal can be found by writing “Oreal”. The company Colomer is taking patents under a specific name: Colomer Group Spain. If you put Colomer in the domain player analysis configuration, you end up with patents from applicants like Jackson Colomer Ines, Colomer Munmany & Colomer Group Spain S L.

Remark: This analysis is independent of your current patent pool

How to operate the results?

You can click on the code clusters get the applicants. When you are interested in the patents behind the cluster, simply click on the applicant to load a new report with the underlying patents.

What does it tell me?

The Domain player analysis facilitates the search for competitors and for out domain players. The analysis gives an overall helicopter view of a certain company, showing linked domains and a combination of in and out domain players. The overall helicopter view reveals the inter-dependence of companies and indicates potential opportunity areas. Patents can not only show who is working on the same problem across different industries but can also indicate who should be working together. By identifying new links and companies out domain and evaluating the IP of those companies, you may even find solutions that are relevant and new for your industry.

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