Text analysis

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What does this analysis do?

The text analysis generates words that give in-depth insight into your patent pool.

How does it work?

Using syntactical interpretation of the English sentences, it extracts the nouns, verbs and adjectives which have high importance in the patent text. Based on your configuration, the analysis counts the number of times a word (combination) appears in your patent pool. This analysis can also search in the vicinity of other words, helping to optimize your search. Note that this analysis only works well with English language patents.

How to operate the results?

The standard view for this analysis is a tagcloud. Larger font size means the word holds more patents, and clicking on the word opens the patent viewer with the underlying patents.

A second visualization is also a piechart where the words are grouped by occuring in the same patents. In that way you can easily see which words are context related linked.

What does it tell me?

This very powerful tool can help you to get useful information out of your patent pool without having to read a single patent.

Depending on the settings, you may:

  • Give a quick overview of the core content of the patents (noun groups or products on title)
  • Give an overview of the applications and variations of a certain component (adjectives near that component)
  • Give an overview of possible technologies that are resulting in a certain function (noun groups near that function)
  • Give an overview of the specific language of a domain and helps you to understand patent text (glossary)
  • Give an overview of the problems within a domain (problem)
  • Give an overview of components of a process or product (components)

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