Inventor analysis

Demo report

What does this analysis do?

The analysis counts the number of patents per inventor your patent pool.

How does it work?

Inventor data are extracted from the bibliographic data. When multiple inventors are present, the list is split into individual items. An intelligent text comparison algorithm is used to merge inventors which are probably the same (i.e., in the case of spelling errors or abbreviations).

How to operate the results?

The standard view for this analysis is a tagcloud. Larger font size means the inventor holds more patents, and clicking on the inventor opens the patent viewer with the underlying patents.

A second visualization is a table view, where you can quickly see the amount of patents linked to each inventor.

What does it tell me?

If your patent pool is related to a certain technology, the top inventors are those people you would like to be in contact with to discuss the technology of interest or to cooperate with. The analysis shows the experienced R&D professionals in a given domain. Search their contacts on LinkedIn or other public resources.

By doing an overlay (using Excel) with other analysis (e.g., Technology, Keyphrase, Code,…) you’ll get a quick insight into which person within a company is working on which topic.

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