Connection analysis

Demo report

What does this analysis do?

The connection analysis helps you find applicants/inventors in your patent pool that have co-operated on one or more patents.

How does it work?

Every patent document in your patent pool is searched for applicants/inventors. The visualization shows only the top applicants/inventors which have co-operated. Every line connects two applicants/inventors together.

By clicking on an applicant/inventor name, you can see all the patents of that applicant/inventor in your patent pool.

By clicking on the dot of one applicant/inventor, you can easily see with whom they have co-operated on a technology. Now you are also able to click on a line to see the patents where these applicants/inventors co-operated on a technology.

How to interpret the results?

A bigger dot size for the applicant/inventor means that they have co-operated with more others.

The line thickness indicates how many patents both connected applicants/inventors have together. A thicker line thus stands for more patents in co-operation.

The size of the applicant/inventor name indicates how many patents they have individually.

What does it tell me?

The connection analysis helps you to quickly get an understanding of the applicants/inventors that work together on the technologies or products in your patent pool. It does so by showing with whom they co-operate and how many patents each applicant/inventor published together with another.

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