Activity analysis

Demo report

What does this analysis do?

This analysis shows you the amount of patents that are published each year in your patent pool.

How does it work?

For every patent in the patent pool, the publication date (application date, granted date and first priority date possible in configuration) is extracted and a cumulative chart is made.

How to operate the results?

Go to the table view to see the number of patents per year.
Browse through the patents of an appropriate year by clicking on the corresponding bar.

What does it tell me?

The number of patents published per year about a technology is linked to the so-called S curve of that technology. Meaning that when the curve is going up, the technology is evolving very fast and still in an early phase (trend spotting). When the number of patents starts to diminish the technology has advanced to a more mature state and is ready for the majority of potential customers.

Usually the S curves are compounded on an activity chart, giving you insights into several generations of technology.

It is important to note that there is no normalization for the total amount of patents per year published worldwide (which is also increasing each year).

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