Combination analysis

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What does this analysis do?

The Combination analysis has been created to facilitate cross-domain searches for inspiration. You can use it to search the complete patent database for applications, technologies and markets that can be interesting for the subject you are working on, based on the fact that they share a number of properties and functions with your domain of interest.

Remark: you can use the advanced filter syntax to input terms.

How does it work?

You can enter up to 20 (10 if you search the complete database) different keywords (usually properties and functions) relevant to your subject. The analysis then searches your patent pool or the complete patent database with or without your patent pool (depending on the configuration of the analysis) for these keywords to find which combinations of them are used in other patents. You can then look into these patents to see if they carry relevant information for your subject or offer interesting inspiration. You can use the same syntax like in the filter.

How to operate the results?

The analysis shows a table with the unique patents that combine most keywords on top. By screening the list of combinations from top to bottom you go from domains that lie closest to your own to domains that lie further away. The view can also be sorted by clicking the arrows on top.

What does it tell me?

By abstracting your product, technique, process or problem to a few keywords the Combination analysis is able to tell you in which other domains these keywords are equally important.

This means that you can use this analysis to answer questions like, "Who can use my newly developed material/technique?", "Where could my production process also be used for?", "Who has the same problem as me?" and “Which other application domain shares the same technologies as mine?”.

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