Text pattern analysis

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What does this analysis do?

The Text pattern analysis finds all words that contain a certain pattern of characters in your patent pool.

How does it work?

This analysis will look for the words that you enter in the configuration form using Natural Language Processing. You can use wildcards, both before and after the search term, to look for different occurrences of your search term in the patent texts.

How to operate the results?

The standard view for this analysis is a tagcloud where bigger fonts stand for more occurrences of the word. You can click on the relevant word and discover the patents underlying it.

A second visualization is also a piechart where the words are grouped by occuring in the same patents. In that way you can easily see which words are context related linked.

What does it tell me?

The Text pattern analysis is one of the most customized tools in PatentInspiration: it is very powerful, but you need some creativity and experience to get useful information out of it.

Depending on the settings, you may get following interpretations:

  • Find everything that is done by itself. (*self*, auto*)
  • Find capabilities. (*ility, *icity)
  • Find what is avoided (*free, *resistant, *less, *proof)

Allowed syntax for text pattern analysis

Non regex syntax (for basic usage)

Wild cards (can be placed everywhere, even in the middle of a word) 

* 0 or more characters
? 0 or 1 character

Multiple patterns

  • Separate multiple terms by a comma

Exclude patterns

  • Add a dash (-)  as prefix to exclude a text pattern

POS tagging patterns

noun: Indicates that the term should be a noun
verb: Indicates that the term should be a verb
adjective: Indicates that the term should be a adjective
number: Indicates that the term should be a number





car, card, carbon, care, carefully, carriage, …


car, card, carbon, care, carefully, carriage, dielectric, electric, ferroelectric, …


car, card, care, cart, …


car, card, carbon, carriage, …

number:* degree

70 degree, 15 degree, ...

adjective:self* noun:drone?

self-powered drone, self-sustaining drones

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