Self analysis

Demo report

What does this analysis do?

The Self analysis looks for functions and actions for your topic that are done automatically or by themselves. These can be process or product related.

How does it work?

This analysis will check for words that begin with "self" or "auto" in patent Abstract and Description, resulting in functions that are done automatically by the product or process at hand.

How to operate the results?

The output of this visualization is a tagcloud, where bigger fonts stand for more occurrences of this function. You can click on the relevant word and discover the patents and technologies describing this function.

What does it tell me?

By searching for functions that are done automatically, you can find actions that can help you to lower the interface, thus creating more value. The Self analysis is linked to the general trend in technologies towards higher intelligence and automation. Running the Self analysis allows you to keep track of the most intelligent products and processes.

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