Geo analysis

Demo report

What does this analysis do?

The Geo analysis lists the patents per country where the patent is filed or the filing applicants or inventors is located.

How does it work?

Each patent has a field that mentions the country of the patent/applicant/inventor. This data is used for cumulative analysis and plotted in a world map. If there are multiple applicants/inventors based in different countries for one patent, the patent will be included in each of the country counts (so in the world map, a single patent can be counted more then once if you choose Applicant or Inventor).

How to operate the results?

Hovering over the countries gives you the number of patents and the country name. Use the zoom bar on the left to zoom in on the chart.

In the table view a detailed list of patent counts per country is given.

What does it tell me?

Since the address of the patent usually corresponds to the R&D center of the company that took the patent, it gives an overview of where the knowledge centers are located in the world. The difference with the Prefix is that it shows where patent documents are filed, whereas Applicant/Inventor shows where applicants/inventors that filed the patents are located.

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